NCSSM Master Fob and Key [Non-Existent]

Hmm… I found this image (which of course, is non-existent, just theory based). A lot of people claim these things exists (yeah right), and can open any door on campus or let anyone onto any hall…


I wonder how many of these are out there. Just for anyone to know, they are not mine…


Photos of NCSSM

I was looking through my old photos from NCSSM and I found some pretty cool ones. Then there were some pretty bad ass moments…

Here is the our normal gathering outside of NCSSM for happy-half:


There is also a pond that was made by a previous NCSSM student during mini term:

NCSSM Small Pond

Then there are moments *clears throat*:

Wow Nathaniel

Uh, yeah…

We never gambled… its against school rules…

Gambling no...

Yeah, as I stated, we didn’t gamble… There were so many moments, especially on my hall, that I will never forget… Well, maybe I should keep looking for more insanities. VIVA 3E!

3rd East