Long-time No See (Update)

It is cinch de mayo, and I haven’t been updating my site since a long ways back in the past. Hopefully I will break that trend and start posting interesting things in the realm of science, or just other academic things. I’ve had plenty of thinking time, and fortunately my return to CMU will be very soon (about 3 months). I can plan till then what to write about, but hopefully school will allow time (I’m sure I can make some time, just hopefully I don’t procrastinate or get sidetracked).

Photos of NCSSM

I was looking through my old photos from NCSSM and I found some pretty cool ones. Then there were some pretty bad ass moments…

Here is the our normal gathering outside of NCSSM for happy-half:


There is also a pond that was made by a previous NCSSM student during mini term:

NCSSM Small Pond

Then there are moments *clears throat*:

Wow Nathaniel

Uh, yeah…

We never gambled… its against school rules…

Gambling no...

Yeah, as I stated, we didn’t gamble… There were so many moments, especially on my hall, that I will never forget… Well, maybe I should keep looking for more insanities. VIVA 3E!

3rd East


Milpa - Photograph

I want to share another photo that I want people to look at. Slowly I will post photos that I have taken for people to see and maybe rate. I have photography as a small hobby. Still do it every now and then, not often. Serves as a distraction by taking moments in life and freezing them to look back and appreciate. I forget to do that every now and then, but then I’ll remember at some point.

So here is Milpa:


So yeah, rate, comment, etc... I want to know what you think...



This is my first and new blog post for the site. I would like to welcome you here today and thank-you for being here. This will be more of discussion on issue, or view of life type of blog that will go on sides of issues. Sometimes I will teach something new that I have learned. Enjoy.