Photos of NCSSM

I was looking through my old photos from NCSSM and I found some pretty cool ones. Then there were some pretty bad ass moments…

Here is the our normal gathering outside of NCSSM for happy-half:


There is also a pond that was made by a previous NCSSM student during mini term:

NCSSM Small Pond

Then there are moments *clears throat*:

Wow Nathaniel

Uh, yeah…

We never gambled… its against school rules…

Gambling no...

Yeah, as I stated, we didn’t gamble… There were so many moments, especially on my hall, that I will never forget… Well, maybe I should keep looking for more insanities. VIVA 3E!

3rd East


Milpa - Photograph

I want to share another photo that I want people to look at. Slowly I will post photos that I have taken for people to see and maybe rate. I have photography as a small hobby. Still do it every now and then, not often. Serves as a distraction by taking moments in life and freezing them to look back and appreciate. I forget to do that every now and then, but then I’ll remember at some point.

So here is Milpa:


So yeah, rate, comment, etc... I want to know what you think...


Photography in BlueMirror

Can you please rate the pictures from 1 “Poor” to 5 “Excellent” por favor. These were in the Winter and Spring editions of the BlueMirror 2011.

Here is Bee Busy:

Bee Busy

Here is Mystery Door:

Mystery Door

Here is Quiosco:


Here is Colors of the Mountains:

Colors of the Mountains

Here is the final one, Lights and H20 (which actually served as the cover art to the spring edition):

Lights and H20

So there you have it. The first 3 photos were in the winter edition and the last 2 were in the spring edition. As mentioned the last one was the cover art. But I want honest opinions as the rating goes. I guess the inconsistency might be people’s tastes, but I respect that. Gracias.